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SEMO is a company created by Alvaro Azcarraga and was originally made to be a thought experiment and critique of the current foodscape we exist in. Since conception the company has organically developed and has become harder to define. 

Currently the company has four subsectors: AGRODOC, BIODOC, CRAFTDOC, and SOCIODOC. These four sectors focus on the documentation and preservation of data from communities (with an  emphasis on indigenous communities). 

    AGRODOC (Agriculture + Documentation) 
    BIODOC (Biology + Documentation) 
    CRAFTDOC (Crafting + Documentation) 
    SOCIODOC (Society + Documentation) 

SEMO focuses on providing anthropological research, art preservation, building documentation, journalistic research, biological research, among others. A large scale interdisciplinary research focused group provides communities with information as well as connection to ideas and people worldwide. 

SEMO is a thought experiment that is physically manifested.